About Electric Oil Burners
Why Use Electric Oil Burners

Electric Oil Burners are a safe, clean and healthy way to enjoy the scents of aromatherapy oils in the home without the use of candles.

Electric Oil Burners eliminate the use of candle flames and are designed to create an aromatic and relaxing atmosphere while eliminating the use of an open flame.

Electric Oil Burners eliminate the smoke damaged caused by candle flame and eliminate indoor air pollution and odours.

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How to Use Electric Oil Burners

Instructions on using your Electric Oil Burner:

  • Plug the electric oil burner into a standard electrical power outlet
  • Place your favorite scented candle wax or oil into the ceramic plate and turn the burner on
  • Enjoy the refreshing scent!


  • Do not touch electric oil burner during use as it may be very hot
  • Place burner on level and safe surface. Do not place near flammable material
  • When using oils with this burner, we recommend you add water
  • Do not immerse oil burner in water
  • Electric oil burners are not toys, please keep away from children